Pages About Autistic Child And The Son-Rise Therapy
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Updated: 8th September, 2007

Welcome to the Pages about our son Robin

Robin eats...

These pages are dedicated to our very special son Robin. If you want, we can show you some moments of our Not-Very-Simple life with him in the section First 4 Years. Or you can view all members of our 'pack'.

Robin, as an autistic child - according to many specialists - doesn't have big hope for the normal life. We have this hope. In this time, our life is totally oriented into a great adventure which name is Son-Rise. It is the unique therapy with which its founders cured their son from uncurable autism and now they provide help to many other families with the cure or at least with big improvements with their autistic children. You can see progress we have made until February 2004 when our big adventure have begun.

If you are interested in Robin's diagnoses, you can go through other parts of these pages - CHARGE and Autism. In case that this part concerning Autism is not peculiar enough for you, the part GFCF Diet is just what you are looking for.

We wish you pleasant reading of these pages.  Vlado and Maggie Mokran