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Updated: 8th September, 2007

About Robin
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Our Family In this section, you can read about some peripeties with our extraordinary son - which extraordinarity forced us to an unwanted and intimate knowledge of slovak health service. I don't write about everything - web page and a multivolume novel are different things after all. You can find here just description of the most interesting things or other 'mosts' in our life with Robin. 

As an introduction, I will write the list of problems we were challenging since he was born. We were finding out these problems one after another, during first weeks and months of his life (some during first years) - thank to God we didn't know everything at a time...

  • cleft palate,
  • heart problems: foramen ovale, cardiovascular ring, open ductus bottali,
  • cryptorchism, retentio testes,
  • he had not basic reflexes; the first diagnosis was severe brain damage (this diagnosis wasn't right, thanks God),
  • immediately after birth he had first pneumonia and he didn't response to antibiotics, doctors thought he would not survive 10 days,
  • central hypotonic syndrome,
  • problems with eye: coloboma on the left eye,
  • dysplasio coxae congenita,
  • problems with hearing: severe hearing damage
  • gastro-ezofagus reflux,
  • a lot of pneumonias, what has lead to the chronic disorder of lungs; Robin in his 3 and half year has had already 18 antibiotic cures. 

The rat-like animals are just little kittenWe have prepared a four-episodes serial of the first four years or Robin's life. Today, he has 3 and half year. He is after 6 surgeries, he walks rather well (although he has problems with stability). He eats solid food, he is able to dress himself. The biggest problems now are severe hearing loss and autism - he is not able to communicate with people, although his IQ test results are quite normal.

When reading, you can imagine as a bonus to everything also our chronic tiredness which came from not sleeping - Robin sleeps very little since he was born. In 24 hours, he sleeps 7-9 hours. He either goes to bed very lately (he is so polite that he goes to bad after us), or is awaken several hours in the night. (There were short periods when he was sleeping better.)

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