Pages About Autistic Child And The Son-Rise Therapy
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Updated: 8th September, 2007


This page is about a very interesting theory which sees autism as a metabolic disorder. It sounds unbelievable, but I think it is similar to the whole universe: it's existence is very unlikely, but we believe in it because we live in it. There are a lot of cases of autistic children who reached great successes, even full cure from autism only on the basis of the special diet.

We are not experts, we bring only basic information here. Please see the Links where you can find other sources of information.


There are authentic information which confirm that autism is a metabolic disorder. Its cause is a bad split of proteins what results in production of hallucinogenic morphins what impacts the central neural system. Some studies show that the state of autistic children can be dramatically improved with a special diet which excludes problemmatic proteins - gluten and casein - from food. These morphins are gluteomorphine present in gluten and caseomorphine present in all milk products.

Simply said, according to this theory, autistic child is permanently under the impact of morphins. Excluding gluten and casein from food should result in gradual reduction of morphin in organism and hence also autistic behavior. The sooner children begin with diet, the better results would be achieved. 

GFCF and Robin

We began the GFCF diet in August, 2003. At the moment, Robin has been on a diet for 2 months. Some observations:

  • He was very nervous and irritable for first 2 weeks. His hyperactivity increased about 100%. It was absolutely as if he had withdraval symptoms. After 2 weeks it faded.
  • He immediately began to sleep better! He used to be several hours in the night not sleeping. After 1 day of diet, he asked to go to the bed for the first time in his life. Now we have more 'good' nights than 'bad' ('good' night is when he sleeps at least 7 hours at a time).
  • After about 2 weeks he was able to eat solid food. Before the diet - just chocolade.