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Slovenská verzia
Updated: 8th September, 2007

A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to the subpage of our whole pack. You can find a little about its each member here.

1. Vlado alias Daddy alias Shaggy Monster

Well, this is me. Formal representative of our family and its theoretical leader.

My main hobby is everything furry (I mean whole nature) including some members of our family group. This deviation has had several severe implications. In addition to the fact that I have been the 'tramp' (what in my country means that I love to wander in woods, sleep under trees and so), I have been also a volunteer environmentalist since my 18. This means that I began to meet with weird persons doing a lot of things for free, and do such things as protection of trees or old wooden cottages. Family duties cut off this part of me a little, but it remained in my heart.

I am today member of local civil association Natura Rusovce. If you are interested in what we do, these pages are about the project of our historical park reconstruction:

What describes me as well now, is the fact that in my 20 years I gave up believing to the tales about materialistic nature of the Universe and thanks to being personally addressed by God, I became the christian. Though today I see things more complex and full of paradox, but this first experience is indelible. We regularly attend the "Brother's Church" in Bratislava, the place of freedom and wisdom.

2. Megi alias Mum alias Shaggy Scamp

My wife The-Best-Of-All.

Besides Robin, Ronja and of course myself, her biggest hobby is resting in a bed, which she lacks in the last 6 years. She shares the deviation about inclination to everything furry with me (well, see my appearance). We have walked through many woods and valleys - and we will walk through many more :-).

3. Ronja alias Big Scamp

Ronja is now (2004) 6 years old and she is looking forward to the school. Most of all she likes to hang on Daddy and to nestle with our cats which are her favourite hobby. She stops talking regularly about 5 minutes after she falls asleep.


4. Robin alias Little Scamp

These pages are dedicated to Robin, so it is not necessary to write a lot about him here. The most special member of our pack; our lives are mostly about him.


5. Baree

The most furry, less furious and the most pleasant member of our family is no more among us. He died in December, 2006. Except that he didn't like our cats, he was do-gooder (or dog-ooder?). He was born in 1992, but this fact didn't discourage him to be like 2 month old puppy.


6. Chita, Wanderer and Bilbo

The biggest scamps in our house. Chita (in front) is our emerita-cat. She is intelligent and biggest scamp. Wanderer (female as well) adopted us when she was a kitten. Her best ability is to appear miserable, thats why we sometimes call her Squeaker. And Bilbo, her son, is the dullest one, but he is snuggly. They artlessly hate one another with Chita, so it sometimes appear that we live very near cat struggles.