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Updated: 8th September, 2007

Outreach - October, 2006

Feedback on feedback Outreach is one of the forms of support which the Option Institute offers to families running their Son-Rise programmes. Son-Rise teacher travels to the family and goes through everything what they need. We were thinking about the outreach, but in long-term horizon. But after Robin stopped eating and drinking and we had to go through unexpected tortures in hospitals, we were offered the outreach very promptly.

The great advantage of the outreach is not only personal attitude when Son-Rise teacher engages to us, our program and our problems, but mainly the fact that Son-Rise teacher is something different that Son-Rise child facilitator. Teacher is able to work not only with the child, but also with the parents. It maybe does not sound so important, but it is crucial. The parent is one who creates home atmosphere, who leads the program, the parent is the most important source for the child. If he/she is not OK, program is not effective.

Meeting of witches Molly came to us for two days and it were beautiful two days. She worked more with us than with Robin, but this was exactly what we wanted and needed. It is a paradox, but we even didn't asked her to work mainly on his not eating and drinking. We are clear in it. What was more important for us was how to come into state when we are able to do what we want to do. That means to investigate causes of our unhappiness, to come into state when we are content - and then we have a possibility to really go for what we want, without stress, without pressing him, without being dependent on his changing.

What we did with Molly:

  • she gave us (Maggie and me) feedbacks on our playing with Robin,
  • we had private dialogs with her in which we were looking for roots of our unhappiness,
  • unbelievably effective was feedback on feedback - Maggie gave feedback to our volunteer, Molly listened and then gave Maggie feedback on feedback,
  • besides that, there was also Q & a time for our volunteers,
  • and of course, Molly played with Robin in the playroom.

Molly is on the right All this time was unbelievably contributing. For me personally, the great experience was to feel (again) the true Option attitude: loving attitude without judgements not only towards Robin, but also towards us. It is crucial in feedback or in dialog not to judge and not to assume things; the question is really a question, not expressing a judgement. It is hard to say it in words, it is something to live. We are very grateful for this possibility - to have the outreach with Molly. Thanks to all who supported us, thanks to Molly and thanks to the Option Institute.

And what next: it is up to us whether we apply what we have learned. Whether we will work on ourselves, whether we take the opportunity given by Robin to grow somewhere where we want to be. Our program continues. We don't know if Robin will progress or if it is better for everybody if he stays where he is. But we will do everything for him and for his moving among us.