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Updated: 8th September, 2007

Son-Rise: Start-Up Course

Class We have attended this course, organized by  Option Institute, in London, since 18th till až 22nd of January, 2004.

Well, I must admit that we were not sure if there would be much more information than we always had. We have read the book "SonRise: The Miracle Continuous", we have seen the BBC video documentary... we were not sure if there is so much we can know more.

The course exceeded all our expectations! I think it is mainly because SonRise is not just the set of techniques, it is mainly about attitudes, approach towards our children, about how we do with child, not just what we do with him/her.

Our tlanslator in action - she doesn't sleep, she is translating The course longed 5 days and there were about 180 people, representing 132 children from 22 countries. One of experiences was meeting with a great group of people with very similar problems and with resolution to go the same way.

Classes were guided by Bryn and William - and they were just spendid. One of the most exciting experiences was to see them in action - because they demostrated exactly what we are going to do in the playroom. And since we tried to sonrise a little before the course in our nearly set-up playroom, we know that it is not simple. We have seen a lot and lot of concrete situations and how to react. To see Bryn and Willian was really worth an effort.

Maggie, William and me There was also a big amount of time for different home videos of different families. It was wonderful to see different autistic children and their progress. Son-Rise really works! a lot of time was also for questions and answers so we were able to see problems of other parents, see how to manage them and we had the possibility to ask for our concrete case.

And of course - we have learnt also concrete techniques - maybe the word 'technique' in not adequate because the key is to apply them with maximum love, enthusiasm and attitude without judging "izms" (repetitive behaviors of autistic children).

Maggie and Bryn More about principles of the SonRise you will find in the page Principles.

I can say that course had peftect effect on us. We came home full of energy and optimism and are eager to begin work with Robin...